Student Responsibilities

Students must complete two steps to be considered fully-registered for the RIML program.

  1. Self-Registering for an account.

  2. Signing-into (Secure Access) with their RICSS-issued ( Google Account.

Access Code

Students must ask their delegation advisor for an invitation code. If an advisor is unreachable, a state coordinator can also generate a code for a student.


  1. Once a student has an invitation code, they should proceed to On the left, they can enter this access code.

Do not enter any spaces before or after the code.

It can take approximately five seconds for the system to validate your code. Please be patient. If a button does not appear under your code to continue, as in the video below, contact a state coordinator or your advisor.

2. After filling out all information in the registration form, a student will receive an email like the one below.

Students must be very cautious to enter the notifications email properly. This is where your new login information will be sent. Ensure to not place any spaces before or after the email address.

3. The student MUST then immediately go to and sign in (use the "Google" button on the right and use the username/email and password provided in the email address).

The student will receive an email like the one below with their login credentials.

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