Submitting Legislation

Submitting legislation is an annual process in which students register themselves along with their intended titles for their legislation, have extended time to write their legislation, and then submit their final copies of their legislation.

An outline of this process is below.

  1. Student selects an area of interest that they want to cover.

  2. Student derives a thesis of what they want to change with their legislation.

  3. Student creates a title for their legislation.

  4. Student submits their title to their delegation advisor.

  5. Student's delegation advisor submits their bill title to the state coordinators.

  6. State coordinators assign a bill number to the bill title.

  7. Student writes their bill and adds the assigned bill title.

  8. Student submits their bill to their advisor.

  9. Student's advisor submits their bill to the state coordinators.

  10. State coordinators make the collective bills available to all students.

This process has been digitized into two main areas that require participation from students, advisors, and state coordinators.

The first process that must be completed to submit a bill is Bill Title Registration.

The second process that must be completed is Bill File Submission.

Bill File Submission CANNOT occur until Bill Title Registration is completed.

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