Data Change Policy & Procedure

The policy is subject to change.

The RIML reserves the right to approve or deny, in part or in whole, any and all requests to change or alter data and information submitted under the Terms of Use for any reason and at its sole discretion.

Users are responsible for entering data in timely, accurate, and appropriate fashions, such as, but not limited to, exercising proper grammar, using proper capitalization, and entering current information.


Requests to change bill information must originate in the form of a ticket opened by the student-author of the bill in question. Once one or more state coordinators/administrators have reviewed the request, they will determine if (a) the request is denied or (b) the request can proceed.

If the request can proceed, the advisor of the student who opened the ticket must view the ticket in question from their account and enter a comment consenting to any or all change-requests, in part or in whole. Any denial by an advisor, in part or in whole, shall constitute a denial of the request (in that part or in whole respectively).

If and when the advisor consents to the requested changes, a state coordinator or administrator shall proceed to make the changes as requested, so long as they still consent to the desired changes thereof. Once the changes are completed, the ticket-request shall be closed.

Once a request has been (1) denied or (2) completed and its ticket changed to closed status, no additional changes may be made unless a new ticket is opened.


The following data pertains to user accounts.


Any user may submit a request for a name-change request by-way of a ticket without advisor or state coordinator approval, provided that the requested name is the student's full, legal name. Any name-change requests beyond this are subject to advisor and state coordinator/administrator review.


Any advisor may submit a request for a password-reset request by-way of a ticket without state coordinator approval, provided that the student from which the password-reset request originates is a member of that advisor's delegation. Only a delegation's own advisor may submit password-reset requests for that delegation's students.

Email Addresses

Email address cannot be changed, unless a name-change request has been approved as defined above. Email address changes must be requested; if the request does not explicitly name an email address change, none shall be completed.

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