Bill Title Registration

Beginning 2023-2024 RIML Session

As of the 2023-2024 RIML Session, bills do not require any approvals for titles and are automatically advanced to the Bill File Submission step.

An Introduction

Bill title registration is the process of a bill title being submitted by a student (or on a student's behalf) and then being assigned a bill number. Participation is required by all three levels of RIML participants (students, advisors, and state coordinators).

Figure 1: Bill Title Registration

In the diagram above, green arrows indicate forward progress, red arrows indicate backward progress, and green diamonds indicate completely registered bill titles.

As shown in the diagram, there is no direct relationship between advisors and state coordinators, other than to submit a bill. In other words, a state coordinator cannot create/reject a bill and then send it to an advisor; they can only send it to a student.

Likewise, there is no direct relationship between a student and a state coordinator (a student cannot create a bill and then send it to a state coordinator; they can only send it to their advisor).

This is to ensure a proper chain of approval has been accomplished on every bill title.

Since students are directly responsible to their advisor, students can only create titles and send them to their advisor (superior transaction). Since advisors are directly responsible to the state coordinators, advisors can either send bills to their students (lowest subordinate transaction) or send bills to the state coordinators (superior transaction). Lastly, since state coordinators are the highest possible authority, they can either send a bill directly to a student (lowest subordinate transaction) or approve it.

Getting Started

Use the below links to help guide your involvement in this process.

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