Switching to Password Login

By default, all users will use their RICSS-issued (@rimodellegislature.com or @risocialstudies.org) Google Accounts to authenticate into the Secure Access system.

However, some Chromebook-only school districts are unable to login to the system using this method, as it conflicts with their district-issued Google accounts. As a work-around, follow the instructions below to switch to a password-based login experience.

These steps must be completed on a NON-Chromebook device, as the student or faculty member must log into Secure Access at least once (to switch to the password-based method).

  1. Navigate to https://app.rimodellegislature.com/authentication and sign-in with your existing Google credentials.

  2. Click your profile picture in the top-right, or go to https://app.rimodellegislature.com/landing?page=Account.

  3. Check the checkbox that says "Use password to login (unchecked allows the default of Google authentication)"

  4. Upon checking this box, you will be logged out of Secure Access and sent a password-reset link to your @rimodellegislature.com or @risocialstudies.org gmail account. Check this email and click the link to set your password.

  5. On subsequent logins, you will now be prompted for a password instead of a Google redirect.

The link to choose your password is time-sensitive, so you should complete all these steps at the same time. If the link expires, you can always use the "Password Reset" button AFTER you enter your email at the login box.

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