Making Changes to Legislation

Depending on the type of change required, legislation data may be changeable by state coordinators/administrators with or without requiring an entirely new submission. Use the information below to learn more.

What is legislation data?

Legislation data is all information (text, files, etcetera) that are related to a bill submitted to the RIML. This includes its title, number, assigned author, and committee assignment.

When can data be changed?

See the Data Change Policy for more information.

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What data can be changed?

The only data that can be manually edited is the following (subject to the Data Change Policy):

  • Title

  • Author

  • Archived Status

What happens if data cannot be changed?

You must submit a new bill and request the old one be archived. First, create a support ticket requesting archival of the old bill. Then, submit a new one with the corrected data.

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